Oxygen Cleaning & Specialty Services

For products used in demanding applications, product cleanliness is an absolute.

Having impurities in an oxygen –enriched environment can create multiple issues ranging from product failure to a dangerous combustion hazard.

Our Oxygen Cleaning procedures assure that all impurities are fully removed. Focus is given to the specified level of cleanliness required, shape and configuration of the item, alloy and specified packaging requirements.

Whether your concerns are hydrocarbon materials, machining residuals, weld slag or any other unacceptable material, our technicians will strive to meet or exceed your expectations.

We meet both CGA G-4 and ASTM G93 standards.

From start to finish, full traceability is assured through our in house procedures and job traveler, listing the specific requirement specified by you, our customer.

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AMF Technologies an ISO 9002 -2008 company



In an application where highly corrosive gases and particles are introduced, such as in the Semi-conductor field, an environment enriched with Chromium not only extends the life of the material but helps stabilize the environment as well.

AMF has continually attained a relatively high Cr/Fe and CrOx/FeOx ratios through its Electropolishing process, resulting in a well passivated surface on stainless steel.

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AMF has partnered with leading semiconductor entities in assisting in the decontamination and dis-assembling of specific items prior to update and repair.

Our procedures and results allow for cost effective repairs and upgrades in a Green and safe manner, limiting liability and concerns.

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