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AMF Earns Top Shops Award

It has been a little over a year since we won the distinction of being a top shop from Products Finishing magazine.  We were extremely proud to be recognized and AMF Technologies was the only recipient of the award in Massachusetts for 2018.

To select the Top Shops, Products Finishing conducts a survey in an attempt to determine what differentiates the best finishing practices of the most profitable and competitive shops.  They analyze data on 45 metrics such as order lead times, on-time delivery, first-pass yield quality, weekly hours spent on parts inspection and many others.

The award goes to the best run and most customer-driven electroplating and anodizing companies in North America.

In addition to recognizing the shops that rise to the top, they report back to all participants so each business can see how they compare to the industry benchmarks.

It is a great report that includes data and statistics to help shop owners and managers develop improvement plans in finishing technology, performance and practices, business strategy and human resources.

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