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Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Equipment Cleaning

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Equipment Cleaning

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical equipment cleaning requires metal surfaces that conform to low Ra value specifications and comply with strict FDA standards.

Surface irregularities can lead to breeding sites for bacteria and corrosion.  Biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications require a fine finish and precision cleaning to prevent these possibilities, assuring safety, satisfactory performance, and reliability time and time again.

You can rely on AMF Technologies to meet strict surface finishing specifications.  Our technicians eliminate surface imperfections, porosity, and contaminants from vessels, mixing blades, high-purity piping, and other components while improving corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning.

Selecting the appropriate procedure for biotechnology & pharmaceutical equipment cleaning depends on the material and configuration of the parts, the type and amount of contamination, and the degree of cleanliness required. Cleaning methods are often used in combination to obtain the desired result and include mechanical, aqueous, solvent, ultrasonic and vapor degreasing processes.

From derouging and passivation to mechanical polishing and electropolishing, we follow strict procedures and quality-driven processes that eliminate threats to health, safety and hygiene.

AMF Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.