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Semiconductor Plating and Finishing

AMF Technologies provides top quality semiconductor plating and finishing services for highly demanding applications in the microelectronics field.

Semiconductors, wafers, chips and boards are the parts that make our modern technological world possible.

They are used in advanced electronics and communications such as cell phones and computers, as well as lasers, LEDs and solar cells.

Because semiconductors are especially complex, the production and the coating processes require an extra level of protection.

Our experienced technicians perform multiple services for semiconductor applications, including special cleaning and filtering in a controlled environment, avoiding costly defects and impurities.

Semiconductor coating advantages:

  • Prevents corrosion
  • Reduces friction
  • Improves electrical conductivity
  • Resists high temperatures
  • Increases adhesion of subsequent coatings

With 40 years of metal finishing experience, you can rely on AMF Technologies to help you establish the best plating and finishing options for your semiconductor requirements and budget.

As a single-source vendor, we can meet your every need, from engineering, to technical services and unique processing requirements.  Our qualified staff is constantly updated on the latest methods and uses state of the art technology. The result is a superior product delivered on time, within budget. AMF complies with FSA Current Good Manufacturing Practices.  Environmentally sensitive, we abide by all EPA and environmental regulations.  ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our commitment to quality, efficiency, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Our experience encompasses all alloys with a high level of expertise in finishing Stainless Steel alloys, Titanium, Inconel and Carpenter Steels.  We offer complete finishing services on items ranging from vacuum chambers and vessels, wafer handling chambers, sputtering housings, disc scan chambers, growth chambers and many other categories of ion implant and support equipment.

Semiconductor Plating and Finishing Services

Highly customized finishes to meet your specific needs such as close tolerance cutting, grinding, chemical finishing, coatings, assembly and sub-assembly, high purity mechanical polishing and impact finishing, aluminum oxide, glass and silicone bead blasting.

We specialize in high purity finishing to under 10Ra, provide Class 10,000 clean room packaging to customer specifications and will ship to any location.

Semiconductor Plating and Finishing Programs

AMF Technologies offers full finishing programs including multiple finishes ranging from electroless nickel to epoxy coatings, and assembly and sub-assembly services.  We have a well-established network to complete your product or project from start to finish.