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Vacuum Pump Decontamination

Vacuum Pump Decontamination

Maintaining the manufacturing equipment used in product production is an important one. Unfortunately, despite best efforts, vacuum pumps occasionally require service.

Vacuum pumps work by drawing materials – like liquids or gas – from an area and creating a vacuum. As a result, the vacuum pump can be prone to contamination from various sources, such as alkaline in the water supply or chemicals and gases.  Furthermore, corrosion from minerals in the water supply can cause damage and should not be ignored.

Industrial Vacuum Pump Decontamination Services

AMF Technologies has the technical experience and equipment required to reverse signs of corrosion and properly decontaminate vacuum pumps and restore machinery to excellent working order.  We provide complete pump decontamination and breakdown services under strict safety and environmental procedures. We give the utmost attention to the proper handling and disposal of all by-products.  EPA and DEP registered, our services cover machinery with small chambers through to scroll pumps.

AMF Technologies is an independent enterprise that has been servicing pump equipment for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor and vacuum industries in a variety of ways for over thirty years.  Our present partners include names such as Applied Materials and Agilent Technologies.

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