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Media Blasting

Media blasting, also called abrasive blasting, is a process used for cleaning metal surfaces, preparing parts for additional finishes and removing rust, slag or machining scale.  The finishing effect is determined by several factors including the hardness and particle size of the media.

There are a variety of different blasting materials, or media, for obtaining the surface finish that you want to achieve.

Glass Beads
Glass media blasting is a less intrusive and a great solution for metal cleaning, surface finishing, peening and deburring while maintaining the surface tolerance of the parts.  It is perfect for achieving a soft bright finish and ideal for stainless steel applications.  Glass beads are an economical finishing option and can be used several times before requiring replacement.

Aluminum Oxide
Aluminum oxide blast media is a hard and aggressive media for more abrasive pressure blasting to achieve clean, etched surfaces. It is a widely used media in blast finishing and surface preparation of applications for the automotive industry, cylinders and turbine blades in the aerospace industry, and implant devices for the medical industry.  It is extremely sharp, long-lasting and can be recycled many times. Aluminum oxide can produce a matte finish and prepare components for corrosion control, plasma deposition, metalizing, plating, welding and coating applications.
Plastic Media
A synthetic cleaning media ranging in hardness, plastic abrasive is made of several types of plastic such as crushed urea, polyester or acrylic.  Plastic blasting media delivers quick stripping speed and consistent performance. It is ideal for stripping coatings and paint from substrates, including aluminum and other delicate metals.  Its relative gentleness makes it an excellent blasting media for automotive, aerospace, marine, electronics and industrial applications.
Black Beauty®
Black Beauty® abrasives provide a high degree of etch for better bonding and are available in extra fine, fine and medium gradations.  Extra Fine is used for cleaning surfaces and producing a smooth finish.  Fine is for light paint and rust removal, and for special maintenance applications requiring reduced profiles. Medium is used for general purpose repair and maintenance blasting for the removal of paint, rust, and scale.  If your project requires a specialized abrasive, Black Beauty ELITE grade offers a custom blend for rigid blasting specifications.