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The Power of Passivation

From jet engine blades and landing gear to surgical tools and dental instruments, passivation plays a significant role in human safety. Metal finishing is an intricate art, interwoven with science,

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CGA G-4.1 and ASTM G93: Navigating Compliance and Oxygen Cleaning Standards

A Guide to CGA G-4.1 and ASTM G93

Navigating Compliance and Oxygen Cleaning Standards CGA- G-4.1 and ASTM G93 Oxygen cleaning is a critical process in a multitude of industries, aimed at eliminating any contaminants that could ignite

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medical device coatings

Medical Device Coatings & Finishes

Medical devices and components have become an essential part of modern healthcare. These devices play a crucial role in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring patients. However, to ensure the safety and

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