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Oxygen Service Cleaning

Oxygen Service Cleaning

Oxygen service cleaning plays a vital role in the delivery of oxygen for the medical, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries. 

Having impurities in an oxygen-enriched environment can create multiple issues ranging from product failure to a dangerous combustion hazard.  Precise cleaning procedures are critical in eliminating such risks.

Oxygen service cleaning is the thorough removal of hydrocarbons and other oxidizable particles from valves, fittings, pipes, and equipment for use in oxygen service.

AMF Technologies sets the highest standards for quality processes and testing to ensure precise tolerances. Our experienced technicians follow strict cleaning procedures to remove hydrocarbon materials, machining residuals, weld slag, and all combustible contaminants from the surfaces of components used in oxygen equipment and systems.

Safety is in the details. And we pay close attention to the details – the specified level of cleanliness, shape, configuration, alloy, and packaging requirements.  

After the parts have completed the rigorous oxygen cleaning and testing, they are carefully packaged and labeled with complete documentation.

Oxygen Service Cleaning Standards

Cleaning equipment for oxygen G4 compliant
ASTM G93 compliant

We meet both the CGA G-4 standard for Cleaning Equipment for Oxygen Service, and ASTM G93, the Standard Practice for Cleaning Methods and Cleanliness Levels for Material and Equipment.