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Medical Components & Devices

Medical Components & Devices

We understand the critical nature of metal finishing for your medical components, devices and surgical instruments.  We also understand that high quality parts and strict sanitation practices help prevent infection or device rejection, and lead to better outcomes for patients, healthcare providers and insurance companies.

From operating tables and EKG machines to orthopedic implants and blood transfusion equipment, materials used in medical environments must be sanitary and fee from any defects for optimal performance and patient health.  Our metal finishing experience ranges from surgical tools and implants to fluid transfer components and blood plasma pumps, and more.

Finishing Medical Components and Devices

We comply with FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices and operate under the highest standards and reliable quality control processes to ensure your medical components and equipment are clean, smooth, corrosion-resistant and defect-free.

Our services include oxygen cleaning, high purity finishing, decontamination, electropolishing and passivation for manufacturing and maintaining aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium medical components, devices and equipment.  Beyond our standard finishes, highly customized services can include close tolerance cutting, grinding, chemical finishing, coatings assembly, sub-assembly, mechanical polishing and impact finishing such as aluminum oxide, glass and silicone beading.

We specialize in high purity finishing to under 10Ra and provide Class 10,000 clean room packaging to customer specifications.

AMF Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified metal finishing company.