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oxygen cleaning

Oxygen Cleaning for Contaminant-Free Systems

Oxygen cleaning is not cleaning with oxygen; it is the cleaning of equipment, valves, pipes, and systems that are intended for use in the production, storage, distribution and use of gaseous or liquid oxygen.

It is widely used for the medical, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other compressed gas industries for safety and product purity.

Industrial oxygen contains a much higher amount of O2 than that in the air we breathe, and it is highly combustible.  Therefore, if contaminants are present in oxygen-rich environments they can present serious risks.  Oxygen cleaning removes impurities such as dirt, dust, weld slag, oils, greases, and other contaminants to ensure that the parts meet the highest standard of cleanliness to reduce the risk of causing human harm, fire or explosion.


Parts for Oxygen Cleaning

AMF Technologies works with you to determine which parts must be oxygen cleaned and offers fast service for urgent projects.  All components are cleaned using industry standards, inspected by trained technicians, and sealed in properly labeled packages.  Parts that are cleaned for oxygen service receive a certification of conformance after processing.

Examples of parts that are O2 cleaned include:

oxygen cleaning applications

Oxygen Cleaning Standards

AMF Technologies uses processes that comply with the most widely used international standards including:

CGA G-4 The Compressed Gas Association international standard for Cleaning Equipment for Oxygen Service

ASTM G93, the Standard Practice for Cleaning Methods and Cleanliness Levels for Material and Equipment

For reliable quality and on-time delivery, you can trust AMF Technologies’ experience and expertise to meet your specifications and timelines.  We also provide fast and accurate quotes so you can keep things moving.  Contact us here or call us at 781-982-0137.


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O2 Cleaning

O2 Cleaning for ASTM G93 and CGA 4.1

O2 Cleaning, or oxygen cleaning, the removal of contamination from equipment intended for use with liquid or gaseous oxygen. Contaminants in an oxygen-rich system can pose serious risks. O2 cleaning eliminates fire or explosion vulnerability due to flammable contaminants.  Industries use oxygen differently, and for many, it is imperative to conduct proper cleaning to avoid catastrophic failures and injuries.

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